• 2014

    What is breidea?

    When it comes to solution for creative media needs, such as Graphic Design, Media Printing or even Photo/Videography, nowadays those might be a lot out there in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta as its capital. But Us, breidea, exist in a very different way of doing this whole creative business. breidea established by two youngster that bear the passion of doing creative things. Where here, we always accept any of our client’s need as a challenge that needs to be fulfilled with stand out result. We offer services that integrated yet practical. We make everything lot easier for You... and even until this very second, we still developing Our services so that we could be one super creative solution for You and Your company.

Graphic House!

Though we're just a newcomer, doesn't mean we're new at what we do. We provide u the best GRAPHIC DESIGN service ever. Personally we both have already exist in creative industry for over 5 years. We just know how to satisfy u, visually. For reference, please feel free to check out our portos and our creative's personal social media.

Media Production!

Not every creative agency able to provide u the whole integrated creative service. Well... WE DO. We help u fulfilling ur creative needs, from the SCRATCH (concept & design) until the PRODUCTION. Never worry about quality because we both love great result as Our portfolio and just relax because we're gonnae deliver them right to ur place.


Here is the service that will blow ur mind up! Since we both are pretty much a photographer, we are so capable to make such a great capture for various needs. Such as wedding, pre-wedding, still-life (product) photo, interior/exterior, or even a family photo! The best part is, we are able to do it ON-SITE for u.

What is breidea Made of?

Service Excellence

Idea Box!

Visual Addict

Our Clients

Dear You... we really do hope that ur company will be listed below as well soon! :)
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